Bakersville cyclist sets sights on record


Bakersville resident Marc Poland is aiming to break a cycling world record.

On Tuesday, Aug. 25, Poland, 62, will attempt to break the current world record for “masters” cyclists (those over 50 years old) in an individual time trial.  It is a solo ride of 62 miles at Bristol Motor Speedway.  

The current record is two hours and 48 minutes with a speed of 22.2 miles per hour, according to the World UltraCycling Association (WUCA). 

“It’s going to be as hard as I can possibly make it for myself and set the bar as high as I can and for the next person who tries to take that record away from me,” Poland said. 

Despite being a solo ride, the world record attempt is a team event. 

The lead official, witnessing the record on behalf of WUCA, is Sue Pregartner, supported by Isaac Boulter, both of Burnsville.  The bike mechanic is Ivan Roldan of Burnsville. 

Other crew members include Chris Boone of Bakersville and Rich Boulter of Burnsville.

Poland and his team are raising money for the Coalition for Kids, a non-profit in Johnson City that provides a safe place for summer and after-school activities to children in need. 

“It’s more timely than before now that school in Tennessee is going to be virtual,” Poland said. “They need those resources now more than ever. It’s a great service that they provide and it can really be a game changer for those kids.”