Theresa Jane Anderson

  • Theresa Jane Anderson

CELO N.C.—Theresa Jane Anderson, born October 4, 1952 in Camden NJ, passed away on September 14th, 2020 of end-stage breast cancer. 

Her death was peaceful, and, as in her life, she was surrounded by people she loved.

While she was heartbroken to leave loved ones behind, she had made peace with the inevitability of her death. 

As she told her family before her passing: “I want you to know I am unafraid of death. I accept that mine will come much sooner than I had hoped for. Likely much too soon, for I do love living!”  

Theresa worked as a child and family therapist for over 30 years. 

She helped countless struggling children find their way toward healing and healthy, rewarding lives.   

She proudly belonged to Celo Community and “could not imagine a more amazing place to live so many years.”

She chose curiosity instead of judgement and shared her boundless love and wisdom with everyone she met. Through her example, she taught us the important work of making space in our hearts for those who struggle to find love or acceptance and to find ways to live fully in the present moment: listen to the birds and the katydids, stop and appreciate a flower’s beauty, notice the mountain ridges peeking through the fog. 

She was preceded in death by her parents, Ann and Jack Anderson, and her sister Eileen Anderson. She is survived by her son Jason Ogle, daughters Melissa Jane Cope, Kelly Rose Gavenus, and Teresa Carney, and grandchildren Mickie Shell, Aly Talley, Michael Carney, and Jaden Howell, four loving siblings, and a large extended family whom she adored. 

In honor of her dedication to providing opportunities for children, in lieu of flowers please consider donating to Camp Celo. or the Arthur Morgan School.