Beatrice "Bea" Chereshkoff

  • Beatrice "Bea" Chereshkoff

Beatrice (Bea) Chereshkoff was born Beatrice Marie Biringer, on Dec. 3, 1926, in Elizabeth, NJ and grew up in Kenilworth, NJ. 

   Bea was a playful child who got in trouble for stomping in rain puddles on her way home from school.  Her parents didn’t want her to ride a bicycle, so she snuck over to a friend’s house to learn how.  She got in trouble when she fell and skinned her knee and had to come clean; but, Bea learned how to ride a bike. 

   She loved collecting and playing with her dolls. She was very proud of winning a doll contest for “The Smallest Doll” and got to go to Trenton to meet the governor of NJ. She always liked being outside, whether it was ice skating on the neighborhood pond, playing in the empty lot in the summer down by the Jersey shore where she would get covered in poison ivy (season after season), sitting on the back of the boat while her husband Ed drove, or in later years sitting outside watching the birds. She was especially fond of the hummingbirds.

   Bea met her future husband at a dance while she was still in high school. She didn’t think much of Ed because he was “wearing brown shoes” with his dark dress clothes. Ed persisted and they had their first date on Valentine’s Day. He also proposed to her on Valentine’s Day. Needless to say, Valentine’s Day was always celebrated in their house, not with lots of fanfare but with a simple recognition of love. They married May 3, 1947 and had three children: Eddie Jr. Bruce, and Kim. When the boys were young, the family moved to south Florida where they lived for 35 years before moving to western North Carolina.

   Bea graduated from Jonathan Dayton High School during WWII. Her first job was a courier for an engineering company where she learned how to read drawings and plans. Bea was a curious and smart woman who was always open to learning new things. She took adult learning classes at Nova College in south Florida and The Life Long Learning program at Mayland Tech in NC, where she participated in the planning of the curriculum. She also learned how to use a computer when she was in her 70’s. 

   Bea was always on the go, whether as a member of the women’s town bowling league (she was a very good bowler), President of the Garden Club, fishing, chaperoning school field trips, or as a member of her son’s sports boosters club. Everyone was welcome at Ed and Beas’ house. Even if their own kids weren’t there for the meal, their friends would join Ed and Bea. 

   Bea and Ed enjoyed visiting friends and would drive anywhere and everywhere. Bea loved maps (she was very particular about how they would get folded) and would spend hours planning the trip route and alternates – just in case they wanted a change.

   Bea loved to dance and did so into her 90’s, even if it was in the kitchen. She enjoyed a party, appreciated rapier wit, and had many life-long friends.

   Beatrice Chereshkoff died June 1, 2020 at the age of 93. Beatrice is predeceased by her husband Edward Sr. and her son Edward Jr. She is survived by her son Bruce, daughter, Kim, six grandchildren, and six great grandchildren. 

   Bea left us love, laughter, friendship, and a dance. She will be missed.

   A private memorial service for the family will be held on Saturday, June 20, 2020 in the Chapel of Holcombe Brothers Funeral Home. Rev. Joe Bennett will officiate.

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