Website ranks Mayland in top 10 nationally


SPRUCE PINE – Mayland Community College has been ranked in the top 10 in the nation by the website 

The website compiled its list of “The 50 Best Community Colleges in the United States” and ranked Mayland at No. 10. 

“We selected the top community colleges based on a comparison of several studies and ratings of community colleges, each with their unique selection criteria, as well as the schools’ reputation and our review of notable community colleges,” according to the site. “While completion and graduation rates are important to any college’s success, we identified several factors as especially significant to select the top community colleges.”

The website uses several outcomes to determine each school’s ranking, such as the sustained achievement outcome, which is the ongoing success in student perseverance and completion of Associate degrees or transfer to four-year colleges; learning outcomes that are values and practices that actively engage students and require them to stretch academically; deployment outcomes that show strong rates of employment, salaries and advancement for graduates matched with workplace skill needs; equitable outcomes demonstrating policies and practices that result in student diversity and success among low-income students and underrepresented racial and ethnic groups; and cost–to–value outcomes that show reasonable tuition costs, access to financial aid resources and an emphasis on minimizing post-school debt.

Mayland also ranked high because of its partnerships with area colleges and universities to provide transfer options to students and the fact that it offers 35 programs, including Associate in Arts, Associate in Fine Arts and Associate in Science degrees.

“Besides providing classes for college credit, Mayland Community College provides classes for enrichment, skills development and personal enjoyment,” according to the website.

Mayland Community College was the No. 4-ranked community college in the 2010 Washington Monthly ranking of America’s best community colleges.