Roan Mountain Pharmacy opens Bakersville location

  • Pharmacists Anthony Hudson and Jordon Baker pose for a photo inside of the newly-opened Roan Mountain Pharmacy location in Bakersville. The Bakersville Pharmacy left after CVS bought the company that owned it, but Baker and Hudson wanted to bring a pharmacy back to town.  (MNJ photo/Juliana Walker)
  • The new Roan Mountain Pharmacy of Bakersville opened its doors earlier this month. The sign that sits at the entrance of the pharmacy, just outside of downtown Bakersville, sits ready to attract visitors on a cold, snowy February day. (MNJ photo/Juliana Walker)

BAKERSVILLE — A new pharmacy has arrived in Bakersville. 

Roan Mountain Pharmacy, of Roan Mountain, Tennessee, has opened a second location at 604 Highway 226 South in Bakersville, next to Mammie’s Kitchen. 

Pharmacists Jordon Baker and Anthony Hudson said they were happy to bring a pharmacy to the town after Bakersville Pharmacy closed nearly a year ago when the company which owned the pharmacy, Longs Drugs, was bought by CVS. 

“The pharmacy was taken away by CVS when they bought it out and it kind of felt like this area deserved a pharmacy and needed a pharmacy,” Baker said. 

Baker and Hudson both previously served as Pharmacy Managers for Bakersville Pharmacy before joining Roan Mountain Pharmacy. 

“We’ve both gotten to know the community and we’ve both grown with the community, so we really just wanted to give back,” Hudson said. “They’ve supported us for years, so we want to help out.”

The pharmacy opened on Monday, Feb. 1 and it took a lot of work to get there, Hudson said.

 “There’s a lot that goes into opening a pharmacy,” he said. “We had to get in contact with all of the different manufactures, the drug companies, the insurances, the DEA and besides that, just securing the building and redesigning the building. Jordon did a really a really great job redesigning the space.”

The new space includes many commonalities of a pharmacy, shelves for the medications, counters, computers and snacks, but one unique area is the private room patrons can use to talk with a pharmacist or receive a vaccine. 

“I think it’s a really cool addition,” Baker said. “You can have some privacy to get a shot or talk with a pharmacist so that you don’t have to worry about people overhearing you.”

Baker and Hudson said they plan to serve the people of Bakersville well into the future and are excited for what the future holds. 

“We’re really excited to serve the patients and get back at it,” Baker said. “Happy to be back in Bakersville.”