Volunteers deliver free meals to hundreds

  • Mitchell County resident Tracy McIntyre loads his vehicle with barbecue before heading on his delivery route. (MNJ photo/Juliana Walker)
  • Mitchell County resident Marvin Walker helps load vehicles with barbecue on Saturday, Dec. 19 at the Buladean Community Foundation Center. (MNJ photo/Juliana Walker)
  • Brian Holloway, a volunteer with the Repairer of the Breach Ministries, helps load trays of barbecue into vehicles heading out into the community for delivery. The ministry provided meals to 450 families in need. A slew of local volunteers were instrumental in the delivery and preparation efforts. (MNJ photo/Juliana Walker)
  • Carol Shay carries several cakes to her car. (MNJ photo/Juliana Walker)

BULADEAN — The smell of barbecue filled the Buladean Community Foundation Center and 450 local family’s homes on Saturday, Dec. 19. 

Members of Repairer of the Breach Ministries from Stone Mountain, GA prepared huge amounts of barbecue at the Buladean Community Foundation Center which was delivered by volunteers to 450 families, about 1,700 people, in the region, according to Preacher Jamie Hilley. 

Hilley said he and his wife Donna, were led by God to provide the meals, which included pulled pork, baked beans, potato salad, sauce, bread and a cake. 

“It’s me and my bride, Donna, but it’s really the Lord that’s doing it,” Hilley said. “He put this together, he put the people together. We don’t take any credit for this. It’s all God. We just try to do what we can where we can and give back.”

Hilley has been visiting, preaching and getting to know the people of Mitchell County for about six years and said the Lord knew it was time for them to give back to the community in a big way. 

“We do a good bit up in Mitchell County and we’ve always had a burden for the county,” he said. “We put it together in a week and a half, but the Lord took care of everything over and above, as far as putting all the right people in the right places and providing all of the food and the workers. It’s all something he orchestrated and it all kind of fell into place.”

More than a dozen volunteers showed up in Buladean where they were assigned a route with names and addresses to deliver the meals to. 

Elana Howell, a volunteer from Yancey County, said she heard about the meal on Facebook and decided to help out. 

“It’s just a good thing to do, especially this time of year,” Howell said.

Volunteers Edward and Karen Sayre, who moved to Mitchell County last month, echoed Howell’s reason for volunteering.

“There’s just such an extreme need out there for help,” Edward Sayre said. “We’re new to the area and wanted to get involved and help out…and, on the selfish side, we get to drive around the area and get to know the county a little bit.”

Deliveries were made to families in need, local Meals on Wheels recipients, employees at Blue Ridge Regional Hospital and the Spruce Pine Police Department and the routes covered all parts of Mitchell County, along with areas of Yancey, Avery and Roan Mountain, TN.