Mini-golf course will open in spring

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The first hole of the new mini-golf course in Spruce Pine sits carpeted and ready for play. A local crew paved the walkways and carpeted all 18 greens earlier this year in preparation for the course’s spring opening. (MNJ/Cory Spiers)


SPRUCE PINE – Kim Oberhammer wanted to bring something unique to Spruce Pine. 

So she did just that, in the form of an 18-hole mini-golf course on Highway 226 near YaYa Yoga that is set to open in the spring. 

Oberhammer, who has spent the past 16 years living in Mitchell County, said she was inspired by the multitude of mini-golf courses in Myrtle Beach, where her mother lives. 

“We go there to visit a lot and every time we were leaving, I kept looking at all the mini-golf courses,” she said. “I’m always wondering what we can do for the town. I wanted to do something special so I thought, what if we just had one of those in Spruce Pine?”

For some time, the idea was just that – an idea. After a discussion with local property manager Kent Dauderman and his wife, Anita Blackwell, Oberhammer’s plan came together. 

“I get an idea every five minutes,” Oberhammer said. “I just started researching and things just kind of fell into place.”

Oberhammer said her original idea was to look for a building that would be suitable for a pool hall. While talking to Dauderman, she saw the large piece of property and thought it would be perfect for mini-golf. 

“I looked at the property and asked what they were going to do up there,” Oberhammer said. “I asked if they wanted to sell.”

Dauderman was interested in selling and Oberhammer was interested in buying. After acquiring the property, Oberhammer hired all local workers to construct the course. The workers poured concrete, put down carpet and finished a small house on the property that will serve as the course’s clubhouse. 

From start to finish, the bulk of the project was completed in a little more than two months. 

Oberhammer said work on the smaller details should continue through the winter and the course should open once warmer weather arrives. She added she hopes to have a grand opening event on Father’s Day. 

In addition to the mini-golf course, Oberhammer hopes to add a pool table inside the course clubhouse. This, she said, would give guests something to do in cold weather. 

Oberhammer said she may consider looking into the possibility of being able to serve beer and wine at the location in the future. The property also features a large deck where guests can relax between games. 

The course will be called Vic’s Place to honor Oberhammer’s father, whose name was Vic. Her grandfather was also an avid golfer in New York for many years. 

In honor of her grandfather, who spent time golfing professionally in the 1970s, Oberhammer plans to model the clubhouse after the ‘70s by adding dark wood paneling and vintage-style carpeting. Additionally, she plans to have employees wear a uniform modeled after the bright golf attire of the era. 

Oberhammer said the course is “supernatural” and features a lot of trees, which she said should make for a shady, comfortable experience in the warmer months. 

Oberhammer said she is excited for people to begin enjoying what she has brought to the area. 

“I love this town,” Oberhammer said. “I feel like it’s my home. I’ve dug my roots deep here. I want to see the town grow but grow in the right way. I try to bring something positive whenever I can. This might not draw people in from elsewhere, but it will at least give people here something to do.”