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A book review by Bakersville Little Free Library Steward Roby Summerfield

  • Roby Summerfield
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The Green Bicycle
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Bakersville Little Free Library Steward Roby Summerfield. (Submitted)


BOOK: The Green Bicycle

AUTHOR: Haifaa al-Mansour 

The Green Bicycle tells the story of spunky Wadjda, an 11-year-old girl living in Saudi Arabia. All Wadjda wants is a bicycle, so she can race her best friend, Abdullah, down the street (and win), even though it is considered improper for a girl to ride a bicycle in Saudi Arabia. Wadjda stays determined throughout and never gives up until she achieves her goal.

I find Wadjda’s determination and passion for what she believes in quite amazing. It opened my eyes to the little things I never noticed about my life living in America: wearing what I choose, going to the school I want to go to and being able to say what I feel should be said. 

Wadjda isn’t waiting for a “yes.”

This book can be checked out at the Bakersville Little Free Library, located in front of the Bakersville Fire Department.