Bakersville Town Council hears about holiday events


BAKERSVILLE – The members of the Bakersville Town Council were given an update about the town’s Christmas events at its regular October meeting. 

Vines opened the floor to Sharon Rowland, and Harley and John Masters, all local business owners, to discuss the upcoming Christmas events planned in town. Sharon stated she and several others, including Vines and Harley and John, had been working on planning activities for the town to occur Nov. 30, Dec. 7 and Dec. 21. She stated it was an outgrowth from the Mitchell County Chamber of Commerce’s Mountain Christmas Trail of Lights to draw interest and excitement to the towns during Christmas. 

Rowland said the title for the events is “Christmas ‘Neath the Roan, Bakersville, NC” and currently there were 16 in overall committees, with 10 subcommittees and more than 50 people working on the events. She noted there were now 10 churches involved with the “Journey to the Manger” event, being coordinated by Ginger Robinson. 

Rowland asked Harley Masters to explain each weekend’s events. Councilmember Jordon Baker asked if the events on the flier were for Bakersville, and Rowland, Harley, John and Vines all stated “yes.” Harley said the events on Nov. 30 were in addition to the usual tree lighting and Christmas concert. 

Harley said for Dec. 7, there would be two events in addition to the parade – letters to Santa and ornament making in the historic courthouse in the early afternoon, followed by a Candy Cane Hunt. Harley noted the Candy Cane Hunt was basically an Easter Egg Hunt with Candy Canes. She said there would be different prizes attached to the Candy Canes for the children. Baker asked if anyone saw on Facebook where someone had asked about changing the parade from the nighttime. Rowland and Harley stated the events that were planned were with the parade time in mind, and John noted BIG plans the parade. Rowland said Dec. 21 is the second annual Breakfast with Santa, and following that would be a showing of the movie “The Polar Express.” 

Rowland said the last event would be the “Journey to the Manger,” which was being spearheaded by Ginger Robinson, and currently had several churches each taking a particular part. She noted this event was the one they needed approval for due to the use of the Creek Walk and it is a religious event. Rowland stated they plan to start the walk at the fire department and end at the stage, which would have the manger scene, and a hayride back to the fire department. 

Baker said he was curious about any hazards that might be unplanned for, such as candles starting a fire and the fire department not being available. Sharon reminded him the fire department was not actually participating and therefore should be available in normal capacity should the need arise. She and Mayor Vines noted that safety was the No. 1 priority. 

Baker said he did not like the term “‘Neath,” adding he feels it should be grammatically correct with “beneath.” Rowland said maybe the term could be used this year and see what the response is and make changes for next year, as necessary. Vines noted that the committee had voted on the title, and the majority had voted for “Christmas ‘Neath the Roan.” Baker asked, “did they all go to Gouge?” which garnered a quick response from Rowland of, “Well, some of us did,” and there were several gasps from others present. 

Vines asked for a motion to approve the event “Journey to the Manger” on the Creek Walk for Dec. 21. Councilman Charley Nash made a motion to approve and Thomas seconded. Mayor Vines ask all in favor to say “I,” which was echoed by Nash and Thomas. Vines asked if anyone was opposed, and Baker stated he was opposed, directing Town Clerk Sarah Hughes to “write that down.” 

Rowland moved forward with her presentation and handed council a budget for review, saying Spruce Pine was funding an ice-skating rink for its event, and while she understands Bakersville doesn’t have that much available, she was respectfully submitting a request for $1,242.62. She noted it was possible they would not need the entire amount and would only use what was necessary.