Ruby Tipton: 103 years young

  • Ruby Tipton celebrated her 103rd birthday on June 7, 2020.

Ruby Tipton, born June 7, 1917, celebrated her 103rd birthday this year. She was married to the late Garrett Tipton. They had five children: Evelyn (deceased), Wayne, Edna (deceased), Wade (deceased) and Elaine. 

Today, Ruby has 12 grandchildren (two deceased), 23 great grandchildren, 14 great great grandchildren and three great, great, great grandchildren. 

She thanks God for her family and loves each family member very much. It is a highlight for her when family or friends visit or call. She enjoys spending quality time with them and telling her life’s story on how God has blessed her down through the years. 

Many have asked her the question, “How have you lived so long?” Ruby replies with a big smile, “By being obedient to the Lord and by working hard.” They also tell her that she must have been a very good child and obedient to her parents. 

Ruby loves the Lord and is always faithful reading her Bible, being a prayer warrior and is an avid church goer. She still helps with some of the housework, cooking and putting up garden stuff. She keeps her mind sharp by working on word search puzzles and watching game shows like Jeopardy. 

She also loves her sports, either by watching on TV or going to one of the grandchildren’s ballgames. Lastly, there are many other things Ruby enjoys daily, especially sitting on her porch admiring the flowers and the outdoors. She comments saying, “God’s creation is most beautiful and only he can create such wonderful things for us to enjoy.”

Ruby is an amazing Christian person, full of life and inspirations. She has set a good example to her family and friends by always keeping God first, persevering and never giving up. Ruby you are loved and appreciated.