School district victim of cyberattack


LEDGER – Mitchell County Public Schools learned Friday, March 27, it was the subject of a ransomware cyberattack. The school district’s technology team immediately started assessing damages and executing safeguards to contain the attack and prevent further incidents.

The technology department also contacted the proper authorities, who are investigating the attack. Due to the nature of the investigation, Mitchell County Public Schools administrators are not allowed to share specific details about the attack. 

“In addition to law enforcement, cybersecurity experts also are assisting,” said Chad Calhoun, superintendent of Mitchell County Schools. “Also involved are the Federal Bureau of Investigation, North Carolina Department of Information Technology, North Carolina Department of Public Instruction and MCNC, who the state contracts to provide internet services to K-12 schools, colleges and universities.”

While the cyberattack has created some inconveniences, students are still able to access Remote Learning. Mitchell County Public Schools has lost access to some documents and data, but no sensitive information has been compromised during this cyberattack. The staff has been advised not to logon to the network until further notice, Calhoun said.