AMY Wellness alters funding framework


SPRUCE PINE – AMY Wellness Foundation is transforming the funding framework to be more aligned with the organization’s priorities when they need it most.

Traditionally, funding opportunities have been in cycles and based on criteria determined through a variety of ways by the Foundation. After spending the past two months hearing from community members across Avery, Mitchell and Yancey counties at Regional Convening Meetings, AMY noticed reoccurring themes. The report from these meetings has been published on the AMY website and ultimately helped shape the way AMY will provide support moving forward.

AMY grant opportunities will be open year-round beginning May 8. 

“We want to be an inclusive Foundation recognizing the landscape of health and wellness is not stagnant, needs arise and needs change,” said Nora Frank, AMY Wellness Foundation associate director. “Rather than circumscribe organizations to our timeline, we want to empower them to ask for support when they need it most. It’s time we show trust in our partners and prioritize collective impact by supporting organizations through a wide range of funding areas while maintaining our mission to support transformative, innovative, collaborative, and up-stream solutions to health and wellness.”

The new funding criteria are designed to make the Foundation’s grant application process as easy as possible and amplify opportunities for the community.

“Often, an individual needs assistance with housing, food, legal advice, etc. all at the same time,” Frank said. “We do not want to perpetuate silos, so we will be categorizing the grant opportunities differently. We have identified food, housing, and mental health as the region’s top priorities and will put these needs at the forefront of our efforts. However, we understand that there are endless needs to create lasting impact and change and do not want organizations to feel limited by these three priorities.” 

The open funding opportunities identified are capacity building, family resilience and collaborative and planning grants.

Additionally, AMY has committed to adding a COVID-19 Response funding opportunity. 

“We understand the needs of our communities are vast and potentially long term,” said Luke Howe, AMY Wellness Foundation executive director. “We are committed to supporting organizations affected by this pandemic as long as necessary.”

Details on each funding opportunity and how to apply can be found on the AMY Wellness Foundation website at

AMY Wellness Foundation was established as a result of the Mission Health System sale to HCA Healthcare to ensure health and wellness remained a priority in Western North Carolina. Its mission is to work collaboratively to find preventative, up-stream and innovative solutions to alleviate health disparities to transform our three-county region.

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