SIDE VIEW: Ready or not, here it comes

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The official start of the 2018 football is Monday, July 30, statewide. This week, last-minute preparations are underway. Should anything be missing for the upcoming season, those often overlooked details are being finalized.

From time to time, things such as medical supplies, playbooks, mouthpieces and a last-minute piece of practice equipment might be purchased. But in reality, everything is complete by now, and we are awaiting the start of the season.

Most coaches I have worked with are organized to a fault with their various offensive and defensive schemes and systems. They are also coordinated with the equipment needed to teach, coach and prepare their teams for the season ahead. So, the reality is by this point in the offseason, they have gotten most everything in order.  

Many schools and teams will have a team camp during part or all of this week. In some instances, teams may fit in one last 7-on-7 to gauge their progress and to see how much more work remains to get ready for the upcoming season. 

This last week before the start of the season is used from time to time to put the finishing touches on the summer strength and conditioning programs. It is used as a “utility time” to take care of a variety of things.

The Mountaineers are no different than other teams. They will use this week to continue to install the offensive and defensive concepts for the 2018 season. 

On the offensive side of the ball, they will concentrate on the timing and execution of plays. Defensively, they will spend time learning how to recognize what their opponent’s offense is doing and how to counter and defend it. Teaching, teaching again and getting lots of reps are some of the keys to success.  

During this week of camp, things can move at a slower pace and give the coaches extra time to ensure the players are learning as much as possible in preparation for the season.

Coach Travise Pitman and the Mountaineer coaching staff have been and will continue to be hard at work with their specific players getting them ready for the 2018 season. 

Expectations are high again this year for Mitchell. Over the previous three years, Mountaineer football has amassed a record of 39-6. Expectations for this year are high once again. It will be both interesting and fun to see how the 2018 season turns out. 

Start making plans to attend the scrimmage against Enka. Most likely it will be Friday, Aug. 10. The site of the scrimmage is up in the air at press time. Once a firm date and game site is determined, it will be passed along. Ready or not, here comes the 2018 season.

Go, Mountaineers!

Chris Pitman gains his views from 40 years of involvement with Mitchell High School Athletics.



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