House candidate questions adequacy of scheduled debates

SPRUCE PINE – North Carolina District 85 House of Representatives candidate Howard Larsen issued a statement this past week questioning how adequate the planned debates are for meeting voters’ needs.

Larsen said in the statement after reading the response of his opponent, District 85 Rep. Josh Dobson, and District 47 state Sen. Ralph Hise’s response to his opponent, David Wheeler, about proposed debates he is “baffled.” 

“I understand (Dobson) does not want to provide me with additional exposure to the voters since I am generally an unknown in political circles,” Larsen said. “I understand his concerns about the lack of civility there is in politics today. I then weigh that against the rights of the citizens to be well-informed and knowledgeable of the candidates before they cast their ballot this fall and I come up with a different answer.” 

Larsen said after looking at both sides, he does not believe the debates scheduled in McDowell, Mitchell and Avery counties are adequate.

“In all the scheduled encounters the House race is one race mixed among several others that run from school board to U.S. Congressional races,” Larsen said. “This mixture of races into one event allows for a very limited amount of time for the candidates of each race to present their side and beliefs. That is why I am still calling for additional debates in each of the counties of the NC House District 85. The only time I have had the privilege of meeting Josh Dobson I told him I wanted us to do everything in our power to make this a civil campaign. That is still my goal, and expanding voters’ opportunities to hear our positions can be handled in a civil manner.”

In his statement, Larsen suggested a public discussion about the need to remove special interest money from politics; funding public education; expanding Medicaid; and increasing funding for law enforcement. 

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