TOWN OF BAKERSVILLE: New website, social media pages now active online

BAKERSVILLE – The Town of Bakersville has completely revamped its web presence. 

The Bakersville Improvement Group’s online marketing and social media team designed and launched an updated website for the town that went live this past February. 

Brette Barron, the site’s webmaster and head of the online marketing and social media team, said it was time the town got a new website. The old site, she said, had not been redesigned in more than eight years. 

“I felt that it wasn’t being used,” Barron said about the old site. “I was having a hard time getting people to send me information.”

The online marketing and social media team, which also includes Silvia Ferrari-Palmer of In Tandem Gallery, Jordon Baker of Bakersville Town Council, James Thieman of Proper Realty and county commissioner Matthew “Vern” Grindstaff, convened last year and begin discussing ideas for a revamped website. 

Barron said the new site makes things easier for visitors from out of town. 

“The old site had been geared toward being a resource for local people,” she said. “We wanted to switch that focus more toward visitors.”

Barron and her team worked closely with the Mitchell County Chamber of Commerce to identify and emphasize the county’s brands.

“We focused on tourism,” Barron said about the redesign. “We focused on what outdoor activities are going on around here.”

The new site still features the popular community calendar. The rest of the site, Barron said, was deliberately streamlined. 

“The site used to be bogged down with content,” Barron said. “We decided to completely overhaul it. It’s gone over really well and it looks a lot better.”

In addition to maintaining the new website, Barron said the group’s other major goal is continuing to increase its social media presence on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Barron said the team set a goal of having 1,000 Facebook followers by the end of this year. The page, which had a little more than 100 followers at the beginning of the year, now has nearly 700.

Grindstaff agreed the new site is more functional and modernized and added any county and town should effectively utilize social media. 

“For any county or town, social media can really increase its presence,” he said. “That’s where folks go in this modern generation.”

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