Would you like to have lived in a location where, on a given day, you could view a good public disemboweling or burning at the stake? Where masses of hungry orphans were swept from the public streets and sold into indentured servitude in the New World for committing petty theft? Where could a father be forced into service on a merchant ship, with no notice to family and possibly never to be heard from again? Where you did not and could never hope to own a small parcel of land? Amidst that, you could be lured by “fake news” there were wonderful and trouble-free opportunities in the “New World”? 

Does it surprise you to learn that immigrants from Europe who experienced such horrors then practiced them in the New World?  Would you believe the town square in Burnsville initially had a whipping post (where the sheriff was instructed to administer in public a set number of blows “well laid on”), that there was a set of stocks for public display of those convicted for petty crimes, and that persons could be branded in open court with a red-hot iron? 

Information about these and many other aspects of your ancestral heritage are available free for the hearing.

A lecture series about these and more interesting facts continues at 3 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 8, in The Earl and Betty Banks Young Center, 134 Shoal Creek Road in Burnsville. It is free and open to the public. Arrive early or stay late to tour the Josiah and Frances Ray Young Cabin (circa 1847) which has been reconstructed on this property. Furnishings at the Cabin are items dating from the 19th century (or quality reproductions) meant to demonstrate the lifestyle of the families during that period.

Visit www.StrawbridgeYoungFoundation.org or call The Center for Pioneer Life at 828-536-0337 for more information.

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