TOWN OF BAKERSVILLE: Council hears from food truck owner

BAKERSVILLE – The Bakersville Town Council during its regular October meeting heard from a resident interested in locating his food truck in town.

Bakersville Mayor Charles “Chuck” Vines opened the floor to prospective food truck vendor Joshua Wolff, who said he was trying to finalize setting up his food truck in Bakersville and had been notified by health department inspector Leslie McKinney he would need approval from the town for certain disposal plans. 

Wolff said he was working to get a grease trap for the food truck and that was one item that was a holdup for the inspector. He noted the truck had holding tanks for clean water and gray water and would like to be able to dump his gray water into the sewer on his father’s property where the food truck was parked and would also like to utilize the water from the property. Vines noted his requests were against ordinances in the town and to accommodate them might be “quite a challenge.” Wolff stated he was trying to find ways to make things work out and was looking for suggestions as well as trying to come up with some solutions on his own. 

Council member Beau Thomas noted his concerns were related to how Wolff planned to dispose of the oil from the grease trap and where he released his gray water. He explained his concern that complaints about negative effects, such as odor or blockages due to the truck, would come to the town. Wolff said he understood those concerns and he was trying to make every effort to keep any cleanliness concerns planned out prior to opening. 

Council member Charlie Nash asked if Wolff planned to utilize the truck at other venues and if there would be a public restroom and sink for customers. Wolff said there is a bathroom, but it would not be for customers and he understood a bathroom was not required for him because of seating. He also acknowledged he would like to be able to take the truck to other locations, should the opportunity arise, but his main plan was for Bakersville. 

Council member Jordon Baker said he was excited about the prospect for a new food venue in town and hopes a resolution could be reached to accommodate Wolff’s needs. Baker asked Wolff what his plan for parking are, and Wolff said he is trying to clear more of the lot around where the truck was presently located and he thinks there might be enough space for four cars and someone told him there were spaces along the road. 

Vines informed Wolff there was no parking along either side of the road he was set up on and the area across from him was owned by the clinic. He noted if Wolff was interested in trying to utilize some of those spots he would need to ask Mountain Community Health Partnership Chuck Shelton. 

Council members requested Wolff provide more information about his disposal methods and continue updating Vines as he progresses.

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