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Spruce Pine is not dying

After a rash of business closings caused concern among many residents, we asked downtown business owners to tell us why Spruce Pine will persevere. Here is what they said:


John Pendley, owner of Pendley Cabinet Co. 

“I hate to see downtown businesses close because the more there are the more people get drawn to downtown. But we’ve been surviving downtown for more than 22 years. We’ll be OK. The town will pull through this.”


David Roe, co-owner of Spruced Boutique

“We do great here. Of course, we do better when there are tourists here, but so does everyone else. We stay open because we choose to serve the demographic in our community.”


Stephanie Medford, co-owner of Spruce Pine Florist

“We’ve been open since 2006 and downtown since 2010 and we do great here. We have two full-time and two part-time employees. We moved to town from Grassy Creek because of the other businesses that draw people to town. We’re all in this together and this is the greatest little town in the world.”



Herman Buchanan, owner of Not Bob’s Antiques

“Knife & Fork going out of business might hurt the crowd that comes here to eat, but the people who ate there weren’t coming in to buy anything in my store. If Spruce Pine was going to die, it already would have.”


Jerry Hefner, owner of Hef’s

“We survive because we’re open seven days a week, we offer good food and a good atmosphere. We do good here, too, because we are reasonably priced.”


Greg Davis, owner of Greg’s Cards and Collectibles

“I’ve been open in town since 1997 and in this same spot since 2003. I have a lot of local customers, a lot of people who come from out of town and I do a lot of business online. I do what I have to do and have been here all this time.”


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