• Jason Lee Filmore
    Jason Lee Filmore

Spruce Pine man faces meth charges

BAKERSVILLE – Mitchell County Sheriff’s deputies Lt. J.A. Biddix, D.S Buchanan, R.B. Bishop and Z.S. Huskins were attempting Thursday, Jan. 3, to locate Jason Lee Filmore on a parole warrant and failure to pay child support.

Deputies went to Filmore’s address at 184 June Bug Hollow Road in the Altapass community, but he was not at the residence. The deputies then went to Parkway Fire Department to put together a plan to find Filmore when a maroon Ford Taurus – a car matching the description of Filmore’s vehicle –turned onto Davenport Road traveling toward June Bug Hollow Road.

Deputies pursued the vehicle and lost sight of it. They again checked Filmore’s residence, and the car was not there.

Huskins found the vehicle abandoned in Davenport Cemetery and found the driver’s side front and back windows were open.

Biddix instructed Bishop and Buchanan to set up a perimeter and requested assistance from Avery County Sheriff’s K-9 deputies.

Avery County Det. Casey Lee and Det. Ridge Phillips arrived with their K-9, which immediately picked up Filmore’s scent. After a short distance through the woods and laurel thicket, the K-9 found Filmore, who failed to follow the deputies’ commands to get on the ground. 

The K-9 deployed a bite technique and restrained Filmore until he was handcuffed. Filmore was taken to Huskins’ patrol vehicle and secured.

Lee had the K-9 walk around the Ford Taurus Filmore was driving, and it alerted on the vehicle. Deputies then located a brown bag behind the passenger seat containing three loaded syringes and a plastic bag with methamphetamine residue. The syringes and plastic bag were field tested and were positive for methamphetamine.

Filmore was arrested on a parole violation, possession of methamphetamine, drug paraphernalia and failure to pay child support.

He is being held in jail on a $15,000 secured bond on the drug charges and a cash bond of $2,202 for child support. Filmore is being held without bond on the parole warrant.

He is scheduled to appear in court Feb. 27.

Mitchell EMS checked Filmore’s dog bites, and it was determined he didn’t need further medical attention. EMS cleaned and bandaged the bite area.

Mitchell County Sheriff Donald Street expressed gratitude to the Avery County Sheriff’s Office for its assistance.

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