NEWS-JOURNAL EDITORIAL: BBQ & Bluegrass Festival is jewel in our community

As soon as this year’s 7th annual BBQ & Bluegrass Festival concludes this coming Saturday night, planning for next year’s festival will begin.

The event is put on by the Rotary Club of Spruce Pine, and the work that goes into the event is tremendous. After the 2016 festival, which then included a BBQ competition, people complained about the price of admission, among other things. The Rotary Club members could have thrown up their hands and ended the festival at that point – and many of them were more than willing to do so – but instead, the club made some adjustments to keep the festival alive. The admission price was lowered and spending lots of money on big-name, out-of-town bands was replaced with local music, which is usually just as high-quality. 

This is a grueling week for members of the Rotary Club. Stages must be constructed, fences moved, signs put up around the county, tents erected, ticket stations put in place, road barricades put up and ice bagged, among many other things. Then it all has to come down when the festival ends.

Anyone looking for a fun, family friendly time this coming weekend needs to look no further than Riverside Park in Spruce Pine. The BBQ & Bluegrass Festival indeed is one of the many great annual events in Mitchell County. 

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