New door-entry system in place at Mitchell High

LEDGER – Mitchell High School got more secure earlier this year with the addition of a new security system on all exterior doors. 

The new system cost $10,625 and was installed during spring break, said Mitchell County Schools Executive Director of Facilities Kim Hodshon. 

Each exterior door now has a small panel with a device that scans fobs. Each student is issued a fob with a unique serial number that grants entrance into the building once scanned. 

The main doors also have a doorbell and a camera. Visitors or parents can ring the bell, state their business, and be admitted by front office staff watching from inside.

The school has operated the new door system in a trial period since May 23. Mitchell Principal Mark Woody said he hopes to see the system fully integrated for the beginning of the 2019-20 school year. 

Woody announced the new system to students May 23 in an email. 

“Think of this as a means of keeping everyone safe,” Woody said. “This trial period will help us work out the kinks for the full implementation next school year.”

All students are required to have a fob and will be assigned one when they check out their laptop computers for the year in the fall. 

There is a $5 replacement fob fee and a $2 fee for the lanyard to which it is attached. 

“When you access each door, your unique fob is recorded,” Woody said. “We do not want these lost or washed in the washing machine.”

Woody, in his email, warned the students against loaning their fob to non-school personnel or losing it. 

“You would not want to loan or give your fob to any non-school personnel,” he wrote. “You are responsible for this fob as you would be with the key to your house. Please make sure it is either on your key ring or lanyard.”

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