Mitchell County Schools: BOE approves minor budget amendments, renews accreditation

LEDGER – The Mitchell County Board of Education at a special meeting this past Thursday unanimously approved several minor budget amendments and a renewal of the school system’s accreditation with AdvancED.

Board Finance Director Danny Young presented two state fund-related budget amendments. The first calls for state funds to be moved between accounts in the classroom teachers and central office programs with no effect on the financial bottom line. The approved amendments to state funds feature $40,849.27 of revenue for non-contributory benefits, which will be provided by the state to pay for accrued time off for employees who retired during the past year.

The second moves money from CTE program support and small-county supplemental funding between accounts with no effect on the bottom line.

The amendments to federal funds include a $1,585 revenue from adjustments to the Title 1 program.

In the exceptional children program, money will be reclassified from state funds to federal funds with no effect on the bottom line.

Young also requested a $10,000 increase to the general operations program for legal fees. The money will be moved from local funds that were budgeted for teacher salaries but were not used.

The board voted unanimously to renew the school system’s one-year accreditation with AdvancED with the caveat that the school system will explore accreditation with the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction.

Executive Director of the Exceptional Children and Federal Programs Mark Hughes said he plans to use Newton-Conover City Schools, which is in the process of becoming accredited through NCDPI, as a case study about the benefits of a change.

“We don’t know a lot about the NCDPI accreditation,” Hughes said. “I got my feet wet with AdvancED before and we knew what that process is. I would suggest that we renew AdvancED this year. Newton-Conover schools said we could come down, bring a team and look at their process of what they do for accreditation so we’d be able to make a more informed decision.”

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