MITCHELL COUNTY EDC: Duvall touts county’s former industrial sites

BAKERSVILLE – The Mitchell County Economic Development Commission Board of Directors this past Friday received an update about the power grant from President of Mayland College John Boyd and received a report from EDC Director Mickey Duvall. 

The power grant is tabbed to be used for the Pine Bridge Project, which is in progress. The project was not approved in the initial round of grant projects, Boyd found out earlier this month. 

The grant can be resubmitted up until today, but Boyd said waiting to submit may be a better option. The next fiscal year’s funding will become available around October. Boyd noted submitting around that time would be ideal. 

“If we submit again now, we would get about a twelfth of the funds,” Boyd said. “It would probably be better to wait.”

Duvall started his update by telling the board about his participation this past week in the North Carolina Department of Commerce/Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina business and industry recruitment event in Marion. Duvall used the networking opportunity to spread information about local industrial sites. 

“I distributed information regarding several county industrial sites including the Henredon site,” he said. “The site has been shown several times since May, and I received very positive feedback from each client showing.”

Duvall added he continues to reach out to businesses who may be interested in vacant properties in Mitchell County. He said clients are evaluating the Mayland Printing building in downtown Spruce Pine for a potential restaurant, entertainment and retail location with proposed garden dining on the roof.

“We’re on the move,” Duvall said. “We’re certainly not sitting still.”

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