MISSION SALE: Letter to employees from CMO, health clinic director

Sent on Behalf of William Hathaway, MD, Chief Medical Officer and David Franklin, MD, President of Mission Clinic

Dear Colleagues,

“Bricks and mortar do not make a hospital. People do.” Each of you lends great meaning to that statement, voiced by Dr. Thomas Frist, Sr., one of the physician founders of HCA Healthcare, Inc.

In announcing the Mission Health Board of Director's unanimous decision to enter into exclusive discussions to join HCA, they reflect our long-term vision and commitment to our community by preserving and expanding Mission Health's world-class quality of care – for generations to come.

Recognizing the inevitability of consolidation in the healthcare industry, the Mission Health Board decided to act now – from a position of clinical and financial strength – to chart the best course for our people, patients and community. If regulatory requirements are met and the Board confirms in this next discovery phase that joining HCA holds the great promise and potential that we believe it does, Mission Health will become a member of the HCA family later this calendar year.

As caregivers, you have contributed immensely to our present success and are at the very heart of our continued endeavors. Let us share with you why we believe this ensures sustainability of our healthcare system, care for our patients and is an exciting and important opportunity for all of us:

HCA shares our values and exemplifies the highest standards. From its very beginnings HCA has been committed to always putting patients first. Also important, the company has been named one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies for nine years in a row.

HCA is prepared to invest in Mission Health and our communities. HCA intends to use Mission Health as its platform for growth and expansion across the region. We expect new jobs and new opportunities to be created – particularly for clinical staff.

HCA brings scale and resources that will enable Mission Health to provide even greater value. Mission Health in partnership with our clinicians, has achieved clinical outcomes of which we are all extremely proud. With HCA, and the experience, scale and resources it brings to the table, we have the opportunity to enhance and expand on our excellence to benefit our patients and communities.

HCA has a record of respecting local leadership and providers. HCA has a tradition and philosophy of allowing physicians to do what they do best – put patients first and provide the best care possible.

HCA has a long track record of working collaboratively with both private practice and employed physicians. Although proudly employs nearly five thousands of physicians and advanced practitioners, the majority of its physicians are private practice physicians who choose HCA hospitals and facilities as the best place to care for patients. HCA also has more than one hundred physician joint ventures.

HCA offers opportunities for physician growth. HCA has programs in place for existing and aspiring physicians including sponsoring and participating in the largest graduate medical program nationwide.

And perhaps most importantly, a key benefit of the agreement would be the establishment of a very substantial foundation to focus on improving the health of our region. Should an agreement move forward a very substantial foundation will be created that will invest tens of millions of dollars annually to improve the health of the citizens of western North Carolina. The possibilities of this new foundation are nothing short of transformational.

As physicians, we are inspired by the vision of Dr. Frist and his colleagues 50 years ago to create great hospitals that always put patients and families first. In his own words, “…the really great institutions will provide care with warmth, compassion and dignity for the individual.”

We believe the physicians and caregivers of Mission Health embody the qualities to which Dr. Frist was referring and are excited about this next phase of our organizational journey. Thank you for your ongoing support and continued commitment to our patients, our communities, our team and Mission Health.

We know you have numerous additional questions and we are including with this letter the press release on our announcement, the Why HCA Fact Sheet and a set of Frequently Asked Questions.

We will also be holding our quarterly General Medical Staff Meeting at 5:30 pm on Monday March 26, 2018 in the AB Tech Mission Health Conference room where this will be the sole topic of discussion.

For additional information and updates, please visit www.missionhealthforward.org.


Bill and David

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