• PHOTO SUBMITTED Local country music artist Josiah Jacobs performs at Riverside Park in Spruce Pine.
    PHOTO SUBMITTED Local country music artist Josiah Jacobs performs at Riverside Park in Spruce Pine.

Jacobs working toward childhood promise

SPRUCE PINE – Josiah Jacobs is working hard to fulfill a childhood promise.

Jacobs, who lives in Spruce Pine with his wife, Teresa, was born and raised in Asheville. He grew up the in a home with an abusive, alcoholic father.

When his mom cried and isolated herself after one of her husband’s many outbursts, 4-year-old Josiah would take her hand and sing to her, using a hairbrush as a microphone.

Teresa said soon after she married Josiah 35 years ago, her new mother-in-law told her how much the singing meant to her during the tough times.

“His mother told me how much it helped her for him to grab her hand and sing,” Teresa said. “She said he was a true blessing.”

Growing up, Josiah continued to sing. He promised his mom he would one day be a star and would take care of her.

Josiah garnered local attention by performing as a Tim McGraw tribute artist before transitioning to writing and performing his own material.

He took a big step toward fulfilling his childhood promise when he released his first album of original material about a year ago. He recorded the album in Nashville and admitted he was nervous.

“It was intimidating at first,” he said. “I learned that the studio microphone is different than a stage microphone. I had to turn to the side as I sang because I have a strong voice.”

When Josiah was 6 years old, he began to craft his singing voice by listening to George Jones 8-track tapes and trying to imitate them.

“I used to promise her I’d become a star and buy her a house, a car and all that,” Josiah said. “She’s seeing it come to pass little by little. It’s slow going, but I’m getting there.”

Josiah travels around the county and nearby cities playing music in support of his album. One of the more special gigs he does, however, is singing every couple of weeks at his mother’s retirement home in Marion.

Josiah, who has been in Mitchell County with Teresa for about a decade, said his original material comes mostly from life experiences and things he sees. Most of Josiah’s more cherished life experiences involve his large family, which includes six kids and 17 grandkids – all living in North Carolina.

Josiah and Teresa got a stark reminder of the importance of family this past April when their house caught fire. Two of their grandkids spend the night before the blaze. Josiah was about an hour into a trip to play a gig in Nashville when he got a call from a neighbor telling him his house was on fire.

Josiah said the fire started after a power surge following an outage.

“Our power had gone out and when it came back on, the power surged through an electric heater,” he said. “If it had happened just a few hours earlier, we all would’ve been in bed.

“I turned around and came right back. That changed me for the better. I’m going to write a song about that. ”

Josiah said no matter what happens with his music career, he is happy with what he has accomplished.

“I want to make it to where everybody knows my name, like Tim Mcgraw,” Josiah said. “The Lord has gotten me to where I’m at. He’s put me here for a reason. He has opened a lot of doors and he’s closed some, but I’m happy where I’m at.”

Regardless of how many fans know Josiah’s name, he will always have two of his biggest fans – his mom and Teresa.

“She’s been totally supportive,” Josiah said about Teresa. “The Lord put us together. I couldn’t ask for a better woman.”

Teresa said she feels the same way about Josiah.

“Everybody fights once in a while, but we hardly do,” she said. “He’s wonderful. I couldn’t get by without him.”

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