GriefShare support group hosting seminar

Grieving the loss of a spouse or know someone who is? Losing a spouse changes one’s life forever because it is not just losing a loved one, but losing a lifestyle. 

Living the “new normal” with its daily emotions and challenges can seem too challenging. One does not have to carry this burden alone and may find help at the GriefShare Loss of a Spouse seminar. 

This curriculum focuses on widows and widowers and offers practical advice from others about what to expect in grief, how to cope with life without a spouse and why it will not always hurt so much. 

The seminar will begin with introductions and an opportunity to share details of one’s loss if one is comfortable doing so. A short video presentation features expert Christian counselors, authors, pastors and is followed by small group discussion. If one chooses not to participate in the discussion, silence is respected. 

Attendees will also receive a booklet with devotional materials, grief exercises and journal prompts to use at home. 

The seminar is at 6 p.m. Thursday, July 18, at Western Carolina Church. Light refreshments will be served and childcare is available if needed. The seminar is a way to be introduced to GriefShare and other curricula offered throughout the year. The Griefshare 13-week cycle begins in August and culminates the first week of November. 

Call Carolyn Dotts at 828-765-4633 or 828-467-1433 for information or to register for the Loss of a Spouse seminar.

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