• The Mitchell County Board of Commissioners at its regular meeting Monday, Oct. 2, recognized Gouge Elementary second-grader Addison Hobson the model she built of the Mitchell County Administration Building. Pictured, from left, is commissioner Keith Holtsclaw, commissioner Ken Hollifield, Hobson’s teacher Tiffany Grindstaff, commissioner Vern Grindstaff, county manager Kathy Young, commissioner Jacob Willis and commissioner Danny Burleson.

Gouge second-graders build model of Bakersville

BAKERSVILLE – Students in Tiffany Grindstaff’s second-grade class at Gouge Elementary School this past month got a unique experience with mapping.

The students recently completed their Bakersville Community Project that tasked them with building a model of the town.

Grindstaff said the idea for the project came from the North Carolina teaching standards for this year that include teaching students about mapping skills, especially within their communities.

The first step for the class was drawing out a plan for the final product.

“We walked around our community and mapped it out,” Grindstaff said. “They had clipboards, pencils and everything.”

After mapping out the community on paper, the students chose a location they wanted to create and the rest was up to them to finish at home.

“I told them to make their models with their parents,” Grindstaff said. “I wanted them to make it a fun, family activity. I wanted them to be as creative as they wanted.”

When students brought their completed models into class, Grindstaff was pleased with what she saw.

“They were very creative with it,” she said. “I was so impressed with what they turned in.”

All 16 of Grindstaff’s students turned in a model. Once all the models were turned in, the class worked together and used their projects to recreate the map of Bakersville on a table in the hall.

“It was definitely a project-based learning experience,” Grindstaff said. “The parents told me they absolutely enjoyed it and they had a lot of fun working with them. The parents really loved it.”

Grindstaff shared the idea with other teachers at Gouge, who are now planning to do the same project.

Abram Ingram, one of Grindstaff’s students, said he had fun making the model, but he added the best part was putting all of the models together to make Bakersville come to life inside his school.

“I loved it,” he said. “I was glad I was going to be in it. I loved all the projects. They looked good together. It was so beautiful.”

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