Pictured, from left, is Blake Smith, Bernice Wilson, Dean McCurry, Andrew Dugger, Curtis Taylor, Richard Gambill, Christy Bryant, Steve Robinson, Matt Miller, Mark Thomas and Melissa Carter.

Evinrude/BRP supports Toys for Tots of Mitchell County

Toys for Tots of Mitchell County Coordinator Mark Thomas informed Evinrude/BRP Office Coordinator Melissa Carter he “took a chance” approaching Evinrude/BRP to ask for a donation.

After their first meeting, however, Evinrude/BRP knew it wanted to support the effort by monetary donation and by filling boxes of toys donated by employees.

The Evinrude/BRP Donation Committee accepted Carter’s request, sponsored by employee Dean McCurry, in the amount of $3,000 for the program. Thomas informed Evinrude/BRP it was his largest monetary donor.

Carter and Evinrude/BRP’s Nickole Bullis toured the facility with Thomas and were told about how the program is operated from start to finish. Bullis mentioned how impressed she was with the precision of how the Toys for Tots of Mitchell County program operates and Carter was more than happy to facilitate any activities surrounding the program through Evinrude/BRP.

“Our employees are such a caring and giving group that when given the opportunity they always come through,” Carter said. “We began our charitable giving for Christmas as a team when Mitchell County DSS informed me they only had three teenagers left on their Angel Tree. Not only did our employees come together and bought what was on their wishlists, but went above and beyond. We even had fun wrapping the presents together. It was a great way to get into the Christmas spirit.”

Evinrude/BRP is excited to be part of such a great community, Carter added.

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