EDITORIAL: Misconceptions abound about marketing plan

It’s really sad the way things go sometimes.

After a little more than a week since Mitchell County’s marketing and branding plan was announced, naysayers have taken to the streets and, of course, social media, to unfairly criticize something about which it seems they know very little.

Some people wouldn’t like the plan publicly even if they love it privately, but let’s try and clear up some misconceptions perpetrated by those with the intention to mislead.

Incorrect claim: The Mitchell County Commissioners paid $58,000 for the plan. 

The Mitchell County Economic Development Commission paid for the plan. There’s no time to review a “Government 101” course, but the Commissioners fund the Economic Development Commission, just as they do the sheriff’s office and other county departments, which means the Commissioners did not directly fund the plan. What the EDC does with its funding is not controlled by the commissioners.

Incorrect claim: The EDC paid $58,000 for a logo and slogan. 

The $58,000 was for a very in-depth marketing plan; the logo and slogan are small parts of that plan. The implementation of the immense strategic plan begins very soon. It is much more than a logo, and the “Seek + Find” strapline will make more sense when that process begins. 

The marketing plan isn’t intended to pander to the people of Mitchell County. We live here and already love it. The plan’s purpose is to sell other people and businesses on Mitchell County.

One question being asked repeatedly is, “Why would people care Mitchell County has the purest quartz in the world.” The answer is simple: it’s another thing that makes Mitchell County unique. Why wouldn’t it be used?   

The whole thing is a little more than a week old. It shouldn’t be buried before it begins. The PowerPoint presentation to unveil the plan was 109 pages. It is evident people looked at the logo, but didn’t read the article in this past week’s News-Journal or the half a dozen articles about the plan and how it was developed published over the past year or so.

People don’t have to like the logo, the plan or anything else for that matter. It’s not about debating what’s good or bad or what one likes or doesn’t like about the plan, but there is something to be said about being honest and not doing things such as posting poll questions on social media sites that intentionally mislead those who click to answer. 

When all is said and done, those interested in moving the county forward will work tirelessly to do just that and the designated group of area naysayers can take the advice of Lee Iacocca and, “Lead, follow or get out of the way.”

Mitchell County can grow or die – there is no third direction.

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