Cosmetologist offers free wigs

SPRUCE PINE – Darrell Nanney provides a unique service for people who lose their hair due to medical conditions. 

Nanney, who lives in Ledger and works as a stylist at Michele and Company salon in Spruce Pine, restores used wigs and gives them to those who need them, completely free of charge. 

He has been doing hair for more than 40 years and he’s been working with wigs for more than 20 years. His fascination with wigs started when as a child, he would watch his older sister get ready for dates by trying on various wigs. 

“Wigs were really common back then,” Nanney said. “I guess that’s where my interest started.”

Nanney buys used and damaged wigs at a reduced price and completely restores them and can customize them to the specifications of a client. 

“Wigs are so expensive,” he said. “I like taking them and turning them to brand new again.”

Nanney’s restoration process starts with complete sterilization. They are then left to dry before Nanney adds curls and texture and cuts off dry and damaged areas. 

“A lot of people don’t know how to restore them, but I love to work on them,” Nanney said. 

In addition to wigs he buys, Nanney also frequently gets wig donations, which he treats with the same restoration process if needed. 

When a client is interested, Nanney schedules a discreet, private meeting to discuss their needs. From there, he begins the process of customizing a wig to match their unique specifications. 

“I try to match the color and length,” Nanney said. “A lot of wig shops don’t customize.”

In addition to restoring wigs for people with cancer and other medical conditions, Nanney also restores wigs for use in funeral homes and for people who have lost their hair in accidents. 

“A lot of people are devastated when their hair is gone,” Nanney said. “It really bothers some people when they lose their hair, to the point where they don’t want to be seen.”

Nanney said he performs the service simply to help others. 

“I have clients I’ve sent wigs to that I’ve never met,” he said. “When I can make people look like themselves again, it makes me feel better. Everybody wants to help, but sometimes there’s no way you can. This is one way I can help a little.”

Nanney encourages people to donate unwanted wigs and he added any potential client shouldn’t be shy about asking for his help. 

“I want to let people know it’s available,” Nanney said. “Instead of throwing wigs away, you can donate them to the salon. Everything about this is all free.”

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