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The No. 1 goal of the News-Journal is serving its readership. It is for this reason we are forming the News-Journal Community Advisory Board.

A group of seven members of the community and myself will comprise the board, which will meet every other month at a time and place convenient for all members.

The Board will have men and women, Republicans and Democrats, faithful News-Journal readers and non-News-Journal readers as well as those who like this paper along with those who do not.

We will discuss coverage, identify any central issues or concerns and, perhaps the more important aspect, hear and discuss ideas.

Consider the board a collection of thought leaders in the community. Members can and should be from all walks of life, be diverse in their educational backgrounds, and be intelligent and purpose-driven people who reflect the demographic of our community.

The Board’s purpose is simply to increase the reach and affect the News-Journal has on this community.

To understand the Editorial Advisory Board’s purpose, one must also understand the direction of this newspaper. We are dedicated to honoring the principles of our owners and pursuing excellence in every possible way.

Our Editorial Advisory Board will be a group of impressive people with backgrounds that allow them to speak uniquely about multiple issues.

Although the Advisory Board will make no decisions, what its members say will not only provide insight, but also be a part of developing stories for the News-Journal. If I am asked why something was published, I will tell you. If I am asked why something was not, I will tell you. No questions or suggestions are off limits. I’m a journalist, it has been years since anyone has been able to hurt my feelings.

By implementing the Advisory Board the News-Journal seeks to expand its effort of providing a compelling experience to readers about topics and issues they care about and value.

The plan is to meet for the first time this coming July and board members should be prepared for engagement and participation.

We will keep our readers updated on board discussions and activities on our editorial page.

Anyone interested in being on the board is encouraged to call, email or stop by our office.

Brandon Roberts is editor and publisher of the News-Journal. He can be reached by calling 828-765-7169, by email at or in person at 261 Locust St. in Spruce Pine.

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