COLUMN: A heartfelt farewell

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Apparently, there was no way of preventing it. If I had knee pads I would have worn them out begging Cindy Lindsey not to retire. Alas, that day has come.

It’s been 20 months since I became editor and publisher of the News-Journal and subsequently how long I have known Cindy.

She was integral in making my transition into my new position in a new town an easy one.

Although it’s no secret she’s an asset to this newspaper, she’s even more of an asset to our community.

Name a board and she’s currently on it or has been. She is constantly doing things that show how she is as a person, not just an advertising representative. Whether it’s cleaning up downtown Spruce Pine or spending a few hours each Monday with the Roan Readers, Cindy is truly one of those people we only meet a few times in our lives.

I wish I could have known her longer. She has spent more than 20 years at this newspaper and in turn has become the office’s “answer person.” Need to know who is related? Ask Cindy. What business used to be in that building? Ask Cindy.

Her character, work ethic and personality are second-to-none and she has an infectious laugh that brightens an entire room.

Although I am among the drove of people that wish her retiring wasn’t the case, that day has come.

The News-Journal will go on without her, but I think we all wish it could go on with her. Although it is cliché to say her replacement has some big shoes to fill, it also happens to be the truth.

I am glad I got to know Cindy Lindsey even though our time together at the News-Journal is but a blip on her timeline here.

But I, just as everyone else in Mitchell County, can rest easy knowing she is still part of this community.

Thank you, Cindy, for all you have done for the News-Journal and Mitchell County. She will be missed.

Brandon Roberts is editor and publisher of the News-Journal. He can be reached at, by calling 828-765-7169 or at the News-Journal office at 261 Locust St. in Spruce Pine.

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