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Broadcast of domestic dispute leads to arrests

BAKERSVILLE – Two people were arrested after a man used Facebook Live to broadcast a violent domestic dispute on the Internet.

Mitchell County deputies around 9 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 19, responded to a domestic disturbance call on Cane Creek Road. The caller advised police the disturbance was being shown on the Internet through Facebook Live, a feature of the social media site allowing people to share live video with their followers and friends.

“The video is pretty graphic in nature with violence and language,” said Donald Street, Mitchell County Sheriff. “It is a wonder that as much as tempers flared in the video that someone wasn’t seriously injured.” 

Deputies arrived on scene and spoke to Roy Jones, who stated he and his girlfriend, Heather Pendley, had gotten into a physical altercation the night before and he posted the video on Facebook. Jones was the only person at the scene at the time deputies arrived.

Street received three different messages by the next morning on his Facebook account with links to the video. After viewing the five-minute video, Street forwarded the video to the Mitchell County Department of Social Services and the district attorney’s office. Warrants were then issued for the arrest of both Jones and Pendley.

“As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, so just imagine an entire video,” Street said. “This will be a strong piece of evidence in court.”  

The video has since been taken down.

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