Band seeking donations to buy, repair instruments

LEDGER – Mitchell County band director Matthew Sanders recently got some good news and some bad news. The good news is overall band participation has increased significantly in the county; the bad news is it has created a shortage of instruments for band members.

“It’s a double-edged sword,” Sanders said. “On one hand we have more kids in the band than we have had in many years, but because of that we are in dire need of new instruments, or we need to be able to repair some of the instruments we have.”

There are currently 60 sixth-graders in the middle school band, one senior in the high school band and 25 eighth-graders in the band.

“We’re just going to get bigger and bigger,” Sanders said. “Not having enough instruments is probably the best problem to have, but not having any money to buy them or repair the ones that need it is a problem nonetheless.”

There are some fundraisers planned, but with trumpets, clarinets and alto saxophones being the instruments needed most and at the cost of $400 each, Sanders is asking for donations.

“We got some money for instruments, but it didn’t go very far,” Sanders said. “We used it the best we could. My fear is we’ll lose participation because of this. How is a kid going to be in the band without an instrument?”

Anyone wishing to donate can mail a check, made out to the Mitchell High School Band, to Mitchell High School, 416 Ledger School Road, Bakersville, NC 28705, or drop it off at the school’s office.


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