• An influx of cats and kittens has caused serious overcrowding at Mitchell County Animal Rescue.
    An influx of cats and kittens has caused serious overcrowding at Mitchell County Animal Rescue.

Animal shelter operating far above maximum capacity

SPRUCE PINE – Mitchell County Animal Rescue is reaching out to the community asking for assistance during a population explosion of abandoned and unwanted puppies and kittens. 

“We are above maximum shelter capacity, currently caring for 75 cats and kittens and 31 dogs and puppies,” said Patricia Beam, MCAR Executive Director. “We just don’t have the room or the resources to handle this deluge of unwanted animals. We need help to humanly and lovingly serve these pets.” 

An overflow of five puppies and 16 kittens are being housed in five different area foster homes. Plus, there is a two-week waiting list for more kittens to be surrendered.

Spaying and neutering pets, especially free-roaming cats, is critical to controlling the unwanted pet population, Beam said. Just one unaltered female cat and her offspring can produce 400,000 cats in their lifetime. Twice a week, MCAR hosts low-cost spay and neuter clinics, making the service affordable for everyone. The cost is $60 for dogs and female cats and $43 for male cats. Rabies and distemper shots are $10 each. 

“MCAR invites everyone to participate in these low-cost programs, and will even waive their carrier fees to encourage people to sign up,” Beam said. “This is so important for all animals but especially free-roaming cats. A cat that has been fixed is a much healthier cat. It is also a common myth that a spayed or neutered cat will not hunt as well as an unaltered cat, but in fact, the opposite is true. It improves their hunting abilities, as cats are not distracted by finding a mate and having kittens, but rather hunting mice. This is great news for those people who keep free-roaming cats as mousers.”

This overload of pets in the shelter is taking a toll, and MCAR is asking the public for help. 

“More than anything, we need new foster families who would be willing to take a litter of kittens into their home until older ones can be fixed and adopted,” said Beam. “MCAR will pay for all the food, litter and veterinary care of the animals, the foster families will provide the love and snuggles these kittens so desperately need.” MCAR is also completely depleted of everyday care supplies and are currently accepting donations of non-clumping clay cat litter, clumping cat litter for foster homes, short cardboard box bottoms as used under cans of soda, bleach, Dawn dish soap, sanitizing wipes, pet food, Hills Science Diet food for shelter dogs and cats, and laundry detergent. 

Monetary donations are also very much needed to fix a public or shelter cat and can be made on the shelter’s website at www.mitchellcountyanimalrescue.org, by phone or by check to P.O. Box 308, Spruce Pine, NC, 28777.


Interested in adopting a kitten? We have many so many bundles of love to choose from, available for just a $10 adoption fee that includes spay/neuter, vaccinations, microchip, deworming, and a starter bag of food. For more information about spay and neuter clinics, our current overcrowding situation, or our need and how you can help, please contact Mitchell County Animal Rescue at 828-765-6952, view our Facebook page, or visit our website at www.mitchellcountyanimalrescue.org.

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