$2 million water upgrade project now under way in Bakersville

Meters, mains included in Community Development Block Grant funding

BAKERSVILLE – A $2 million water pipe and meter upgrade project is under way in Bakersville. 

Funds for the upgrade were awarded through a Community Development Block Grant and paid for the administration of the grant, construction contracts and materials to complete the project.

“A lot of people are involved in the project, and a lot of contractors we have worked with in the past stepped up to help us determine the cost of the project before we submitted the project to the federal government,” said Charles “Chuck” Vines, mayor of Bakersville. “These improvements will last for many, many years.”

New water mains are currently being installed at several downtown locations. The project started with installation across from the Bakersville Community Health Center and around to Pine Drive then down the hillside back to NC Highway 226, Vines said. 

“We’ll go from there to locations behind the buildings in town to tie everyone in,” Vines said. “That way, we will be able to loop our water around, and there won’t be any dead-end spots.”

The project is expected to be complete by October of this year.

“Hopefully we will clear up as much as possible with the amount of money we have,” Vines said. “This should make things a lot better.”

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