3 bids submitted for EMS service


Current contract with Mission expires June 30


BAKERSVILLE – The Mitchell County Board of Commissioners met in special session Monday, Jan. 13, with the three companies that submitted bids to provide EMS services.

The contract is for service over the next five years, and bids were received from Mission Health/HCA, of Asheville, AMR/Lifeguard, of Richmond, Virginia, and Mitchell Medics, of Boone. 

Mission Health, the county’s current provider, submitted a bid of $1.556 million with a guaranteed 10 percent profit on top at the end of each calendar year if a 10 percent profit has not been met. Mission Health’s contract with the county expires June 30, and Mission provides EMS service currently at an annual cost of $1,141,273.

Mission’s proposal steadily increases over the duration of the contract, with a projected cost of $1.815 million in 2025.

“I think the meeting went well,” said Jacob Willis, chair of the Mitchell County Board of Commissioners. “I felt good about all three proposals and I think people will be pleased with the provider we choose regardless of which one it is.”

AMR/Lifeguard submitted a bid of $1.37 million for option A and $1.62 million for option B. 

Mitchell Medics submitted bids of $1.455 million for option A and $1.674 million for option B.

Option A provides the service Mitchell County currently receives, which is two 24-hour trucks and one 12-hour truck each with two paramedics. Option B is three 24-hour trucks each with two paramedics. Option C, which was only bid on by Mitchell Medics at a cost of $120,000 more per year, provides the county with a community paramedic, which is a paramedic who operates in an expanded role by assisting with public health and primary healthcare and preventive services to the community with the goal of improving access to care and to avoid duplicating services.

Board vice chair Matthew “Vern” Grindstaff said the commissioners will consider the proposals and services offered over the next few weeks before making a decision.